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Week 16 Recap

The Jets continued to struggle Sunday against the ‘Can’t Ignore Us Anymore’ Bears. Despite the loss, the Jets will still be in the playoffs thanks to Jacksonville’s loss. Be wary Jets fan, limping into the playoffs with a warm weather quarterback may not be the walk in the park it was last season.

The Patriots continue to impose their will on the rest of the league. They have gone seven straight games with no turnovers and have only nine on the season. Tom Terrific set the record for most pass attempts without a pick Sunday with his 1300<sup>th</sup> unpicked pass. There is no stopping this monster, hide your children hide your wife.

Kansas City went from worst to first in the AFC West. What is it with the West Divisions? Other than K.C. every team sucked this year. If a team with a losing record hosts a playoff game I hope it’s blacked out.

Mike Singletary became the fourth coaching victim to be put out of his misery this season. Four! That is an astonishing number. At least he was able to coach 15 of the teams 16 games. Good luck Jim Tomsula, your fifteen minutes is going to last about three hours and then you can start looking for a new paycheck.

Fans in Houston are organizing a rally to get Head Coach Gary Kubiak fired at the end of the season. The rally will be held before the Texans host the Jaguars on Sunday. Team owner for the Texans, Bob McNair, gave Kubiak a vote of confidence a couple of weeks ago. We all know what that means; Kubiak’s last head coaching gig will be week seventeen of the 2010 NFL season.

The Vikings and Eagles game was postponed Sunday and will be played on Tuesday in Philly, due to snow. It was postponed before a single flake of snow hit the ground. And why Tuesday? Might the four-letter-network have some interest in having the sole game on Monday? Some other questions to ponder: What if the Ice Bowl had been postponed? What precedent might this have? Are we moving to an NFL where every team plays in a dome? From the reaction of the Vikings’ fans at University of Minnesota last week; they no longer wish to watch in the dome, the fans were having a ball outside in the cold and snow. The funniest argument against postponing the game comes from Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell; essentially he said the country as a whole is becoming a wuss. You can read his whole diatribe at profootballtalk.com. It’s way too long to put down here and it also tightropes the line of racism.

The Chargers who never lose in December lost their second game this season after November. What San Diego and the nation have learned is that the Chargers aren’t that good. Carson Palmer proved he doesn’t need his Diva Twins at wide receiver as he threw for nearly 270 yards and four touchdowns. It has to be like two giant mouths were removed from his back.

Miami continues to prove they can’t play in the elements; the pristine elements of south Florida that is. One win at home this year. And they played Cleveland, Buffalo and Detroit who they lost to this past week. The Lions won their second straight on the road after dropping their previous 26. This team has a killer defensive line and if Matt Stafford can stay healthy next year the Lions will return to the playoffs. You heard it here first.

The Jaguars threw their game against the Skins away and probably the AFC South. An ill fated pass in overtime proved to be very costly for Jacksonville and just might get their head coach fired. Because the only way the Jags win the South is if they beat Houston and Indy loses to Tennessee (which ain’t happening).

The chosen one earned his first career victory by bringing the Broncos back from a 17 point deficit in front of his home crowd. Let the anointing resume.

Indianapolis have gone on a 3 game win streak and have scored 30 plus points in all 3 games. Peyton’s will is carrying this team into the playoffs. All the injuries though, will be the downfall for this team.

Aaron Rodgers returned for the Packers to continue the bloodletting of the Giants. It has been said many times before; Eli is no Peyton.

In a game that might have had the biggest playoff implications of the week the Saints edged the Falcons on costly turnovers and strange officiating. For what might be the first time in NFL history, both the receiver and cornerback were flagged for pass interference on the same pass from Matty Ice in the second quarter. Mike Smith very well may have had a heart attack after that flag. Well the Saints are not quite ready to hand over the torch just yet. Drew Brees is a machine, but there is something wrong with Reggie Bush.

Gotta give props to FIU for winning the prestigious Little Caesars Pizza Bowl; their first Bowl appearance. FIU rallied back from a 14-point half time deficit by scoring 27-points in the second half. Including an unbelievable conversion on 4<sup>th</sup> and 17 with the ‘ol hook and ladder play in the waning seconds. Before the conversion the Golden Panthers were down by two. FIU fans, which were there en masse, went bananas as the game winning field goal split the uprights with quadruple zeros on the clock. Definitely one of the better Bowl games so far this season. Way to go FIU.

That’s all there is for this week folks talk to ya next week and then it’s off to the playoffs.
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Weekly Recap Week 9

For the first time in 50 years the Cowboys have fired their head coach mid season. Wade Phillips was put out to pasture just eight games into what was supposed to be a promising season. And a week after Jerry Jones said Phillips would remain head coach for the rest of the season. The thumping the Cowboys took for the third straight week must have changed his mind.  The reigns will now be taken by Jason Garrett, the architect of the NFL’s 31<sup>st</sup> ranked rushing offense. While Phillips may be partly to blame, there is plenty of blame to share with the entire organization. Don’t expect a quick fix just because Philips is gone; this team is in disarray from top to bottom. Everyone knows the Cowboys need a no nonsense coach and the same names are being tossed around by all the talking heads. Nothing though, will matter much as long as Jerry and his giant ego remain in the way. The Cowboys will improve tremendously the day he realizes to step away and let a general manager and a head coach do their jobs.

Enough about the Cowboys. There was plenty of other headline grabbing games and plays in week nine. The so called best team in the league got beat by a perennial bottom dweller. While one New York team was nearly embarrassed the other was doing the embarrassing on the other side of the country. Week nine also introduced a few new players to the nation and some well known players take their shot at a new position.

The Bucs showed some guts when they traveled to Atlanta. In a back and forth game it came down to the final minutes and a goal line stand. On fourth-and-one from the Falcons two the Bucs decided to run it. It didn’t work as LaGarrett Blount was punched in the mouth for no gain. Atlanta now leads the NFC South by themselves, but Tampa is on their way up.

I don’t often give credit to this guy, when it’s deserved however I do. #4 threw for 446 yards in the Vikings overtime victory against the Cardinals. It was his career best and just the second time in 286 starts that he threw for 400 yards. His 36 completions were also his career best. Way to go #4 at least you didn’t get carted off the field this week and let the media go bananas all week wondering if you were going to start next week.

The Browns had their biggest win since; since they beat the super bowl champs 2 weeks ago. New England went into Cleveland on top of the world and looking to role the pitiful Browns. Mangini had a different plan for his former boss. Some chicanery and a relentless dose of power running was way too much for the Patriots young defense. The Browns’ defense with their different fronts and looks reduced Tom Terrific to a mere average quarterback. If you didn’t know who Peyton Hillis was before the game he made sure you know him now. Hillis was running like a man possessed. He ran for 184 yards and two touchdowns. I think Cleveland made out on the trade when they sent Brady Quinn to Denver for this guy, just another stellar move by Coach Josh. How’s Brady doing this year Coach?

The lone highlight for the Patriots was Wes Welker’s successful extra point.

The Lions nearly pulled off a huge upset this past week against the Jets. If it wasn’t for a complete breakdown they just might have won. A horrible play call in the fourth quarter and a late hit out of bounds allowed Sanchize to stay close and force overtime. The Jets were only down three points late in regulation because of my favorite play of the season. Jason Hanson, the Lions kicker, was hurt earlier when he was roughed up on a field goal attempt. So the backup kicker/defensive lineman Ndamukong Suh replaced him for an extra point try. He was unsuccessful, but he looked great. Suh actually won the backup kicker job in training camp and would probably be playing in the English Premier League if he wasn’t so massive.

Looking forward to next week when the Ryan twins go head to head as the Jets travel to Cleveland.      

Another player you may not have heard of before last week’s games is the Oakland Raider’s Jacoby Ford a rookie out of Clemson. Ford lifted the Raiders over the Chiefs in what could be described as a chippy contest. The most impressive part of the Raiders’ victory was their 15 penalties. It’s pretty tough to get flagged 15 times in today’s NFL.

It was a scary moment in the Colts and Eagles game when Austin Collie took a shot to the head. A flag was thrown on the play which enabled the Colts to continue a drive. The response by the Eagles’ defense seemed a little inappropriate while Collie lied on the turf obviously unconscious. Several minutes passed as the receiver lay motionless and some Eagles’ players looked as if they were ready to fight the refs for throwing the flag. The Refs had to do something in that instance. There was no malicious intent in the hit and it didn’t deserve a penalty, the refs are just taking orders from upstairs. The problems wasn’t in the penalty, it was in the reaction by the Eagles.  

The Bills lost for the third straight week by three points. So now it’s official, the Bills stink in the US and Canada.

The Ravens (my Super Bowl Pick) were very opportunistic with three takeaways in their victory over the Dolphins. Baltimore also held the ball for nearly 20 more minutes than Miami.

The Giants didn’t knock another quarterback out this week, but might as well have. In Charlie Whitehurst’s first NFL start he went 12 for 23 and 113 yards. He did throw a touchdown though in garbage time. The Giants are looking pretty good.

That’s it kids. Talk to ya next week. Sorry for all the stats.


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